Client testimonials

"Bendigo has played a supporting role to Harve over the years. They have often complemented us in our customer service offerings. Definitely an invaluable partnership."

Mr. Harvey Krishnan (Director) Harve Sdn Bhd

“Oz Green Homes has enjoyed positive experience on projects with Bendigo. The staff and management have met all its key deliverables within service level agreements and have shown commitment to exceed expectation. The company has exemplified leading edge technology and an excellent work culture which will continue to put them ahead of their competitors.”

Mr. Jon Linton (Director) Oz Green Homes

“Ozzie Dealz was looking for a strong partner to help achieve business process reengineering for accounts closing process. We were glad that we selected Bendigo as they appointed skilled resources who had excellent knowledge and a positive attitude. The team understood our complex requirements, discussed possible solutions with various teams and presented an excellent approach. We are sure that with the implementation of these key recommendations, we will be on our path to achieve our project objectives”

Mr. Arthur Read (General Manager) Ozzie Dealz