Bendigo offers a range of services for our clients. These services are aimed at generating and increasing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as working towards greater customer retention.

Call center Outsourcing

We offer companies a wide range of contact service solutions. Services are tailored to meet the demands of the client. We make every single call count and manage the customer experience. Poor communication can be a prime cause for deficient customer service. We assure you that our team comprises of highly trained individuals, who strive for excellence and growth. We specialise in lead generation, answering service, data collection, customer service, technical support and telemarketing services.

Education Consulting

Bendigo Marketing (BM) set up in 2017, provides educational services, support and placement to students within its local market and from foreign countries interested in studying in Malaysia. The Education Consulting Division is headed by by Mr R. Bala, a Chartered Accountant trained in the UK.

The Education Consulting Division was created to look into the student recruitment sector. This started about after the government proclaimed that Malaysia would become an education hub. The main aim of BM is to provide fast & direct access for students to study and go through an internship program in Malaysia. The aim is to help recruit students quickly & effectively at comparably low cost & risk. Colleges from overseas can consider sending large numbers of students to Malaysia to continue their certificate/diploma/degree programs in various disciplines or just on an internship program only.

Over the years, BM has built up its reputation by teaming with reputable colleges accredited by the Ministry of Education. These colleges’ boast qualified trainers and facilitators with a wealth of experience. They are dedicated, friendly and helpful in organizing activities which would be beneficial to the students. Our aim is to continue to help our students in every possible way so as to give them a springboard for the future.

At BM, great care is always taken to point a student’s spoken and written language in the right direction. All English courses and other study programs are designed to take full account of the students’ needs whether national or international.

Office Functions

The non-core operations of a company are commonly being outsourced, and Bendigo specialises in providing these solutions. This reduces the financial outlay of the client, and the delivery is faster as well due to the work being handled off premises and by a skilled team. Our team aims to deliver impeccable services in back office functioning, invoice generation support, account services, Human Resources and infrastructure management.

Data Management

Data management is critical to every organisation. Efficient data can strengthen a team and help in growth of a company as it focuses on essentials and on what is required. Data management can also be extremely time consuming, hence a popular area which is being outsourced. We offer extremely strong data processing servicing. Our team consists of data processes, entry specialists and error-free management services. We provide services that include data cleansing, data mining and data conversion.

IT Solutions

There has been a trend in the past decade where companies have been outsourcing their IT solution department. This is always a gamble due to the expectations not being met. We at Bendigo understand the responsibilities that come with taking on contractual agreements with business leaders and aim to deliver impeccable service. Our services are flexible, fluid and performance oriented. Cost savings is the main reason organisations outsource this area. Bendigo is constantly updated with technology, aims to outgrow competition and constantly eliminate the burden of our clients. In this area we specialise in web presence development, social network applications, mobile app creation, among others.